Two boats of the Freedom Flotilla will arrive at the marina in Cascais, west of Lisbon on 19 June and will depart on 22 June. These are some of the scheduled events in and around the marina whilst Al Awda and Freedom are here:

Tuesday 19th – arrival: people will be at the Cascais marina to greet the Flotilla

Wednesday 20th – a public session with music/chants of  Achada’s Chorus

Thursday 21st – interviews with alternative info and mass media

Friday 22nd – departure: people will be at the Cascais marina to farewell the Flotilla

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  1. Please can you give me the arrivel time in Cascais, Lisboa? I m from BDS Zürich and would like to be there toi on there to on Thuesday. Viva Palästina Jasmine

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