“My name is Oldoz Javidi and I’m a candidate for the national parliament in Sweden, for The Feminist Initiative Party. It is a huge honour to be onboard the Ship to Gaza. As a politician onboard my job is to raise further awareness on the Palestinian cause. I’m asking my politician colleagues all around the world to join this cause. As politicians we are obligated to use our capacity and be the voice of the Palestinian people while their own voice has been silenced during decades of oppression and occupation. As long as Israel keeps breaking all kinds of laws, not only human rights laws but also international laws and the Geneva Conventions, through their criminal actions against the Palestinian people, we all need to act. We all need to do something, whatever it is that we can do. The world has looked the other way for 70 years when it comes to Palestinian lives. Enough is enough. There is absolutely no country which can behave like the state of Israel and get away with it. There is no country that can repeatedly commit genocide on innocent people and get away with it. And let me be very clear that this has nothing to do with antisemitism. I am talking about the actions of the State of Israel. Not about Jews nor Muslims. Religion is constantly being used as a tool so that we don’t get to focus on the actual facts. We have a representation of at least 15 different countries, amongst which are also Jews and Israeli people on our ships. So lets drop the antisemitism issue and focus on the facts. It’s a fact that over 2 million human beings are imprisoned by Israel. Innocent people are imprisoned in the world’s biggest open air jail. And it’s a fact that half of them are children. Children with no chance of ever getting a life worth living. It’s a fact that 95 % of the water is undrinkable. Not to mention the lack of healthcare, education and possibility to make an income. There are no jobs. I could go on for a long time talking about the situation of the Palestinian people but they really don’t have the time for us to talk anymore, the world needs to start taking action. Yesterday. I support human rights so I support Gaza. Let’s end the illegal blockade of Gaza.”


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