Divina Levrini (Sweden)

{:en}Divina Levrini (Sweden) Ship to Gaza Sweden Crew member on Al Awda ('The Return') from Palermo towards Gaza, and participant on Freedom from Sweden to...

Kristiansand, May 5-6 with Ship to Gaza Norway & supporters (photos)

Slideshow of #AlAwda (The Return) in Kristiansand with supporters hearing from Ship to Gaza Norway representatives.

Richard Sudan (UK, sailing on Freedom)

Richard was kidnapped in international waters and taken against his will to Ashdod, Israel where he was illegally detained.Here is a video of...


{:en}ÁNGELA VALLINA Ángela Vallina is a Member of the European Parliament for the period 2014-19. She belongs to Spanish radical left party Izquierda Unida,...
3 Freedom Flotilla vessels in a Swedish port

Copenhagen supports the Freedom Flotilla: May 20-21 (photos)

Hundreds of supporters came out to greet Al Awda (the Return), Freedom and Mairead in Copenhagen.