The Ship to Gaza Norway campaign is delighted to announce that we are refitting a Norwegian fishing boat, which will sail for the Freedom Flotilla coalition in the 2018 mission, Right to a Just Future For Palestine.

Work is currently underway in western Norway to refurbish the 19 metre wooden boat which until six years ago was used in Arctic fisheries. She will be named Al Awda (‘The Return’) to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba or Catastrophe, as Palestinians refer to the ethnic cleansing by Israel that drove many of them from their homes in 1948. Together with three vessels from the Ship to Gaza Sweden campaign and international participant from the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, Al Awda will set sail to challenge the illegal and inhumane Israeli blockade of Gaza.

“This is a very sea worthy former Norwegian fishing boat, built in 1963 for work under tough conditions.We have done a lot of work on it already including the building of new cabins and beds for paricipants and crew” commented professor Gerd von der Lippe from the Ship to Gaza Steering Committee. “We look forward to visiting about a dozen European ports between here and the Mediterranean, before heading towards Gaza in July. But to reach that goal we are counting on the support of people of conscience and grassroots organizations in Norway and around the world.”

Donations in support of the Just Future for Palestine 2018 sailing can be made to Freedom Flotilla Coalition campaigns here.

Together we can help end the blockade!


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