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Solidarity message from Sam Huggard, Secretary of NZ Council of Trade Unions

Sam Huggard of NZ CTU
Sam Huggard of NZ CTU

Please accept my apologies at tonight’s farewell for Mike [Treen].

I’m at rallies in Christchurch and Dunedin today supporting nurses, midwives and health care assistants on strike for the first time in a generation – taking a stand for a better health system for them and for all of us.

Am with you in spirit though and am pleased to offer the CTU’s best wishes to you Mike for your solidarity role in the Kia Ora Gaza mission.

When we act together in solidarity with people living in conflict zones, we can move towards a more peaceful world – even starting from the other side of the globe.

Mike, your participation in the Freedom Flotilla embodies the solidarity and the power to keep global attention focused on Palestine that we can help bring to bear.

The effort of the Flotilla to highlight the inhumanity of the current Israeli blockade, and to try to get much-needed medical supplies to Gaza, is a positive, non-violent and principled approach. New Zealand’s continued participation in this international action is a positive way to show working people’s commitment to human rights – wherever in the world they are being denied.

The union movement in NZ has a very clear view on Palestine, and I want to acknowledge your union Unite’s role in putting this on the agenda for unions in our 2009 resolution.

New Zealand unions are committed to seeing Israel withdraw from the occupied territories and abide by UN resolution 242 which requires Israel to withdraw to 1967 borders. Our efforts wont cease until Israel meets its obligation to recognize the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to self determination.

Mike, you go with a long history in the struggle for justice and human rights for Palestinians, and you go also with our solidarity, our support, and our very best wishes.

In unity,

Sam Huggard – CTU Secretary.
NZ Council of Trade Unions.

Initially published by Kia Ora Gaza:

Solidarity message from Sam Huggard, CTU Secretary


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