Journalist Chris Graham on board Al Awda (The Return) answers a few questions from Gaza Freedom Flotilla Australia:

How has the trip been so far and what is the mood like aboard Al Awda ?
We’re basically on schedule and spirits are very high on Al Awda. The sea has been pretty rough at times and we’ve had a few technical challenges to deal with as well. The Mediterranean is beautiful, but harsh as well. Everyone on board has been reminded what the trip must be like for refugees traveling across the sea but without the amazing support and coordination provided by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition.
How are you doing personally, mate ?

Personally, I’m doing well. This is by some margin the most challenging (and emotional) story I’ve ever worked on. Very glad I came though. I’m still anxious and uncertain about the ending, but hoping for smooth sailing all the way to Gaza. Failing that, I’m hopeful the IDF will depart from its default setting and treat people humanely. Fingers crossed.

What is the crew aboard Al Awda like ?

I’ve seen determined activists in my 30 years in journalism, but never anything quite like this amazing group of people. If more activists showed the courage these people do, the blockade of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine would be over by Christmas.

When preparing to capture boats like ours, the Israeli Occupation Forces always block voices of journalists like Chris. You can help prevent this attack on press freedom  by sharing his message now, and by spreading the word about our campaign over the coming days.


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