The sailboat Freedom arrived on July 10 in the afternoon and AlAwda (The Return) July 11 in the morning. They are now both in the port of Naples, with a series of activities planned for the coming days, with our friends from the Coordinamento Napoli Palestina:

11 July, 11.00 : press conference in the port.

18.30 public welcome with street artists (corteo: Piazza Municipio, 17:30).

12 Jul, 19.00 :  Concert “Gli artisti Napoletani a sostegno della Palestina” at Maschio Angioino, in the castle courtyard. Performing together for Palestine: Franco Ricciardi, Tommaso Primo, GNUT, Capone, Marzouk, Ciccio Merola, Alan Wurzburger, Francesco Sansalone, Oyoshe, Peppoh, Rosalba Santoro, Barbara Bonaiuto, La Bandarotta Bagnoli ,Ventinove e Trenta, Joe Petrosino, Aldola Chivala.

13 July, 20:30 :  Dinner, social and live music at Spazio di Massa, Via Porta di Massa, 1. Università Federico II.

14 July, 9:30 : National Assembly with thematic debates and then Plenary. At 9.30 am at Santa Fede Liberata, via San Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli 2. The initiative will run throughout the day and a collective lunch is planned.

15 July (time to be confirmed) : gathering near the docks to say good-bye to the boats.

For more information and updates, see the Freedom Flotilla – La Nave Della Libertà a Napoli organized by our friends at the Coordinamento Napoli Palestina.


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