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Dr. Swee Ang (UK)
Sailing on Al Awda, ‘The Return’

UPDATE: 17:00/7 August – Dr Swee arrived at Luton Airport at 12:15 on 1 August, with no mobile phone as it was stolen from her by Israeli authorities along with her clothes, her camera, all the medication she was carrying for the participants and in fact everything in her luggage except one t-shirt. She does have her memory and will be publicising her recollections in due course to hold the Israeli authorities to account. Watch interview of Dr Swee on Russia Today – Going Underground (8 August 2018) – Dr Swee Ang reveals Israeli soldiers beat up the captain of the Freedom Flotilla

Read articles detailing Dr Swee’s experiences aboard Al Awda and in Israeli detention here:
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Middle East Eye – in which Dr Swee reveals that her Bible was stolen.
Redress Information and Analysis – ‘This will sicken you: Eyewitness describes hateful act of piracy by Israel against Norwegian boat on mercy mission’
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There was a Media Conference for Dr Swee and Ian Diez Young on 7 August 2018 at the Palestinian Mission, London.  Some photos and images are posted on the discussion section of our Facebook page.

Dr Swee spoke alongside Richard Sudan at a Welcome Home event in London on 10 September 2018 – report here.

Dr Swee’s resolve is strengthened even further by her experiences and participation in the Freedom Flotilla.
Please continue to demand release of all Political Prisoners and #DemandPressFreedom 

SOS – Release Swee NOW
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When invited to come on board Al Awda, the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, I knew I must join them. This summer marks the thirty-sixth year of my journey with the Palestinians.

It began in 1982 when as an ignorant Pro-Israel Christian doctor I first stepped foot as a volunteer surgeon in Gaza Hospital in Beirut’s Sabra Shatila Palestinian refugee camp. There I fell in love passionately with a generous, kind, honest and gentle people – the Palestinians. They were forced out of Palestine in 1948 and found themselves, refugees. Despite the dispossession, persecution and injustice they remained human.

About 3 weeks after my arrival, more than three thousand of them were cruelly massacred. My heart was broken and trampled on, and would have remained dead and buried in the rubble of their bulldozed homes. But the survivors, even while burying their own loved ones, nurtured me back to life with their tears and love. The children filled with courage, hope and dignity inspired me and gave me the strength to walk on with them. “We are not afraid Doctor come with us”.

It is now 70 years since the Palestinian Nakba and Diaspora in 1948. When will their journey home begin?

Today, six million Palestinians dispersed in various refugee camps are denied the right of return to their ancestral Palestine; the other six million lived under occupation in Gaza and West Bank. For twelve years, two million Palestinians have been imprisoned under a brutal land and sea military blockade in Gaza. During this time there were three major military assaults where Gaza was relentlessly bombed for weeks.

Recently, since 30 March 2018, unarmed Gaza demonstrators calling for the Right of Return are shot at with high-grade military assault rifles leaving more than 124 dead and 13,000 severely wounded with hundreds of amputees and potential amputees.

The Flotilla brings hope to the besieged Palestinians. They are praying for us in their mosques and churches in the Gaza Strip. They know we are making this journey for them. Even if we are to be abducted, imprisoned and deported, may we remain faithful in solidarity and love for the people of Palestine and Gaza.

Dr Swee Ang, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Author From Beirut to Jerusalem“I would like to make my book freely available. The title From Beirut to Jerusalem is the prayer of the Palestinians in the Diaspora to return to Palestine.” Click here for a free download.


  1. Many Thanks For Reporting This Story & Your All Right That Miss. Ang Is An Amazing Human Being & Amazing Human Aid & Charity Worker,


    Uk’s 1st Female #HandSurgeon Too 🙂

    Miss. Ang Is A Very Warm, Patient, & Inspiring Human Being & Consultant, Does #NHS Proud 🙂

    I Look Forward To Hearing About This Story In More Detail & Hope BBC News & BBC HardTalk Will Pick Up Again Too 🙂

    I’m Glad Miss. Ang Is Now Safely Free & Back In The Uk, I Am Sorry For The Loss Of Her Camera ? & Clothes,

    Yet Her Mind & Body & Memory In Tactic To Share This Experience & Story Too 🙂

    I’ve Had The Pleasure To Meet Miss. Ang 2-3 Times During 2005 – 2006/2007 As An NHS Patient & Suffer Of The Complex Disabilities As Mid Carpal Instability (MCI) / Palmar Midcarpal Instability (PMCI) & It Was Miss. Ang Whom First Broached The Subject I Might Also Be Suffering From: #RSD / #RSDS / #CRPS Known As Complex Regional Pain Syndrome On Top Of My Wrist Instability/Carpal Instability In My Left Hand/Wrist,Arm,Carpus, & Whole Left Upper-Limb In 2005 & Both Her & Mr. McCarthy My Main NHS Hand Surgeon At Homerton NHS University Foundation Trust Spoke Together At A #BSSH Meeting In 2005/2006/2007 & When I Next Saw Her In The Royal NHS Hospital In London In 2006/2007 She Confirmed I Also Suffering Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Mr. McCarthy Confirmed This In 2008 Meeting Too,

    Miss. Ang’s NHS Letter Dated: 24-12-2008 Finally Made Clear & Been Under The Amazing Mr. Serge Pain Management Specialist At Barts NHS Hospital & Homerton NHS Hospital From: March 2009 – 01-02-2017 While I Lived In London & Slowly Transferred To Bedford,

    Since Moving To Bedford In 2016 I Had A Bumpy Start Mentally, Although Now Getting Regular NHS Local Bedford Pain Management & Stellate Ganglion Block Pain Jabs, & Even Got A Hand Follow Up / Review Which X-Rays Now Confirmed Very Very Early Arthritis At The Radiocarpal Joint Mainly Scaphoid & Lunate, & A Limited/Full Wrist Fusion Would Have To Be One Day Still Carried Out & The RSD / CRPS & Regular Infections Due RSD/CRPS, Carpal Instability, & Arthritis, This Would Make Such Fusion’s More Complicated & Should Hold Off For Another 5,10,15+ Years Where Possible, 🙂

    Without Such Humane & Highly Trained Specialists Like Mr. McCarthy & Miss. Ang I Wouldn’t Have A Diagnosis, Treatments, 2 Out Of My 4 Wrist Surgeries By Mr. McCarthy Had Some Effects Either In Attempt To Reduce Chronic Pain/Pain &/Or Stabilization Reduction In The Instability, I’d Also Be Without Pain Management & Likely Those Delays Would Have Made These 2 Different & Complex Disabilities Even Worse :/

    I Can’t Thank Miss. Ang & Likes Of Miss. Ang Enough, I Sent Her & Her NHS Teams A Thank You Card & A Singed Copy Of My PANTS POEMS In The Published Book Whispers In The Wind Sometime Between: 2005 – 2006/2007 To Say Thanks & Express My Chronic Pain & Suffering 🙂

    I Was Very Also Sorry To Hear The Loss Of Miss. Ang’s Husband Which I Had Found Out Only Recently (Sometime Between 2016-2018 When I Found Her Ted Talk Online), I’d Like To Pass On My Deepest Condolences & Sympathy 🙂

    Again The Uk, The NHS, Garza & Palestine, & World, Are Very Likely To Have This Remarkable Humane Being, Humanitarian, & NHS Hand Surgeon, Too 🙂

    Glad Miss. Ang Safe & Back In The Uk To Tell Her Story Too 🙂


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