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Lisa Fithian, US

I am a 57-year-old queer woman who has spent my life working for justice.  I live in Austin, Texas on occupied Tonkawa and Comanches land. I have seen the power of nonviolent resistance since the 1980’s and worked with immigrants, workers, women, youth, queer folk and those who are differently abled. From Justice for Janitors to the Global Justice Movement from Occupy to Ferguson and Standing Rock I have had the privilege to stand with those who are most impacted to assert dignity, win respect and improve the conditions that affect our lives.

I first became aware of and active around Palestine during the First Intifada in 1987. Over these years I have worked for a Free Palestine.  I traveled to the West Bank with the International Solidarity Movement in 2002, helped organize actions in Cario with the Gaza Freedom March in 2010, I was part of the organizing committee for the US Boat to Gaza in 2011 and I provided nonviolence training for that mission and for the Women’s Boat to Gaza in 2016.  My work is focused on helping people access their power to protect what they love and to heal their lives and worlds through creative, strategic, anti-racist nonviolent action.


” I understand at a deep level that no one is free while others are oppressed.  This hateful Israeli occupation of Palestine is not only doing harm and causing death for the Palestinians, it is harming the water, the land and the soul of the Israelis. It is creating discord across the world as people watch and feel the seemingly endless pain inflicted on a people who want to live in peace with their land and culture intact.   It is long past time for this violent Israeli Occupation to end. The resilience and resistance of the Palestinians in the face of such overwhelming violence gives hope to the spirit and fuels our commitment to seek a new way forward. This global wave rising for justice will not cease until Palestine is free.”


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