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Ron Rousseau / Nimnke Beesiner (Thunder Bird)

I am status First Nation, who lives in Carcross, Yukon, Canada a small community with a strong culture. I am a traditional dancer with the Dakhka Khwaan dance group who believes in bringing back our culture. I was part of the initial start up of the Idle No More movement in the Yukon, a movement that brought our people to the forefront of issues with the government and opened the eyes of Canadian politicians, brought attention to our environment and the protection of Mother Earth for future generations.

I have been a postal worker for 32 years, and President of my local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers for the past 16 years. I am also Second Vice-President of the Yukon Federation of Labour, and Aboriginal Vice President of the Canada Labour Congress. I have been a facilitator for the Turtle Island course where we dig deep into the genocide of our people through, mass killing of people for decades, Reserves, Residential Schools, the Sixties Scoops and the continued assimilation of our peoples through water and food. Through the teachings of this course it is both educating people and continuing to gain allies in our fight with our oppressors.

My partner and I have raised three daughters of strength and independence who remain in the Yukon to return the benefits of their knowledge to our communities.

Quote: “I believe in the strengths of the working class, our environment, the future of both our earth and humanity.”

Ron is to get on board Al Awda (The Return) in Amsterdam.


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