OVER 120 DAYS WAITING for the Israeli government to take 114 boxes of medical supplies from the Gaza flotilla boats to the Gaza border crossing.

It has been over 120 days since the Israeli military stopped the Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s ships Al Awda (The Return) and Freedom and took control of the medical supplies destined for Gaza… For over 4 months the Freedom Flotilla Coalition has demanded the immediate release of the 114 boxes and thousands of people from around the world have called Israeli embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their countries demanding the release. Over 7500 persons have signed our petition for the release and delivery of the medical supplies.

The international medical assistance group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) calls for Israeli and Palestinian authorities to do all they can to facilitate the free access and work of all healthcare providers in Gaza and medical supplies that are trying to build the advanced capacity to care for the severely wounded in Gaza; for other countries in the region and around the globe to step forward and offer funding and space in their hospitals where advanced surgical capacity exists; and for authorities in Palestine and Israel to facilitate the transfer of these patients abroad.

The vast majority of the 3,117 patients treated by MSF between 30 March and 31 October, 2018 – out of the total 5,866 the Gaza Ministry of Health says have been injured by live fire – had been shot in the leg. Around half suffered open fractures, with severe soft tissue damage to many of the rest.

These are complex and serious injuries that do not quickly heal. Their severity and the lack of appropriate treatment in Gaza’s crippled health system means that infection is a high risk, especially for patients with open fractures.

Gaza currently lacks the ability to properly diagnose bone infections, but from experience MSF expects that at least 25 percent of patients with fractures are infected. Out of roughly 3,000 open fractures, this means it is likely that more than 1,000 patients are infected.

Based on a preliminary analysis of MSF’s patients in Gaza, MSF estimates that at least 60 percent of the total number of injured patients treated by all heath providers—a massive 3,520 people –will need further surgery, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. (MSF’s Report)

Ann Wright of the US Boat to Gaza campaign met with two young men from Gaza who are receiving treatment from the INSAN organization in Istanbul, Turkey for their legs that had to be amputated. INSAN is treating 64 Gaza amputees.

Please sign the petition :   https://diy.rootsaction.org/petitions/israel-military-must-release-medical-supplies-on-gaza-flotilla demanding that the State of Israel release the boxes of medical supplies, and share widely.


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