Chicago, IL: July 18-20
San Francisco, CA: August 3

In 2012, the UN predicted that Gaza was on track to become “unliveable” by 2020. In 2017, the UN acknowledged that the “unliveability” threshold had already been passed. Despite this, “somehow, families in Gaza find ways to ‘make do’.”

In Spring 2020, the next Freedom Flotilla will sail again to challenge the 12 year, illegal and inhuman Israeli blockade imposed on more than 2 million Palestinian people in Gaza – more than half of whom are children.

Partners in the Freedom Flotilla Coalition are mobilizing support for their participation in the Flotilla and you can get involved by contacting your nearest partner listed here.

The people of Gaza do not give up and neither do we. There are 1.4 million young people in Gaza who deserve a better future.

Watch this video by the Israeli NGO Gisha.

Across the world our partners and other friends have been organizing local events to raise
awareness about the continued blockade and also to raise funds to finance the purchase of boats and supplies.

Here are some photos and links to events held in the US, Spain, Sweden and Australia

Madison, WI: July 24-25
St. Louis, MO: June 16

For more images and information about US events

STG Sweden in Port: English 2019
Ship to Gaza Sweden in Port: Tour of Sweden’s west coast in July.

For more images and information about Swedish events

Seville, July 19

For more images and information about the event in Seville

For images and information about events in Australia

For the children in Gaza and for respect of human rights we will sail again until Palestine is free.


  1. I stand in vicarious solidarity with you and with the Palestinians, but the present-, near- and longer-term prospects for justice and liberation for Palestine are grim. I just read today confirmed reports that, in the past week or so, 72 — that’s about 14 percent — of the entire population of the US Congress, Rep and Dem alike, trekked *free of any charge or cost*, to the Zionist entity (with enthralled families, of course). That’s unacceptable and treasonous behavior, IMO: while guns are awash across the US, while racism and xenophobic diatribes rule, while the US infrastructure collapses, these 72 scofflaws neglect their duties to pay homage to a criminally psychotic Zionist entity. Strange


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