On Tuesday 29 May, one or two boats carrying Palestinian patients seeking urgent medical attention, as well as students and others who have been unable to travel, will sail from the illegally blockaded port of Gaza. Gaza’s already depleted hospitals are completely overstretched with the influx of hundreds of seriously wounded casualties shot by Israeli Occupation Forces snipers during eight weeks of protests at the ‘boundary’ fences.
While we do not support any particular party or faction in Palestine, Freedom Flotilla Coalition salutes this humanitarian mission and calls on the governments and the peoples of the world to act to ensure safe passage of these boats and the civilians on board. Experience has taught us the dangers of facing the Israeli Occupation Forces at sea, where they have illegally seized and confiscated numerous Flotilla vessels over the years, and where they regularly attack Palestinian fishing vessels, destroying gear, catches and livelihoods, while injuring, killing and kidnapping fishers. We know all too well that our governments fail to hold Israel accountable for this illegal violence against civilians.

We hope that our current four boat, international mission (Right to a Just Future for Palestine : https://jfp.freedomflotilla.org/) which is currently between Germany and Netherlands on its way towards Gaza, can assist in raising awareness of the blockade and the ongoing complicity of much of the international community and will assist the Palestinian people of Gaza in gaining their rights, including full freedom of movement.

In addition to the widely reported Al Jazeera report, we recommend to you this story from our Palestinian partners in Gaza, the young journalists of We Are Not Numbers:


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