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Jan Petter Hammervold (Norway)


Jan Petter Hammervold (Norway)
Ship to Gaza Norway
Ship’s cook on Al Awda, ‘The Return’

Jan Petter will arrive home in Norway at 3pm today.

SOS – Release Jan Petter NOW – (video statement here)

Jan Petter Hammervold (74) is a Norwegian citizen working as ship’s cook on board Al Awda (The Return). He is a board member of Ship to Gaza Norway and the author of the book «Fiskerne I Gaza» (Gaza fishers), which was published in Norway in connection to the 2018 Freedom Flotilla mission.

This is Jan Petter’s third attempt to break the illegal Israeli blokade of Gaza. He first participated as the ship’s cook in the 2012 mission with Estelle – an experience he describes in the book «Eventyret med Estelle» (The Adventure with Estelle), published Norway in 2015. He made a second attempt to break the blockade in the summer of 2015, but the mission had to be aborted outside of Korfu after the boat Juliano was sabotaged.

Jan Petter, a building engineer, worked on the re-building and preparation of the Norwegian fishing vessel previously called Kårstein (now Al Awda) for this year’s mission to Gaza. If this year’s attempt to break the blokade will be successful, Al Awda will be given as a gift to the fishers in Gaza.

“The most important thing is that the Freedom Flotilla gives hope to the people living in Gaza, so that they don’t feel forgotten.”


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