45 DAYS WAITING for the Israeli government to deliver 114 boxes of medical supplies from the Freedom Flotilla to its destination in Gaza.

According to the Palestine Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), as of September 14 since the Great March of Return began, 136 Palestinians have been killed, including 26 children, three journalists, three para medics and one woman.  Among those killed are three people with disabilities and a young girl.

7,224 people have been wounded by gunfire including 1,241 children, 211 women, 83 journalists and 115 paramedics. Among those wounded, 439 are in serious condition and 69 people have had lower or upper limbs amputated. Statistics of the injured only include those directly hit with bullets and tear gas canisters, but there are thousands of other people who have suffered tear gas inhalation and sustained bruises.

It’s been 45 days since the Israeli military stopped the Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s ship Al Awda and took control of the medical supplies for Gaza… For six weeks the Freedom Flotilla Coalition has demanded the immediate release of the 114 boxes and thousands of people from around the world have called Israeli embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their countries demanding the release.

Please sign, and urge your friends to sign, the petition demanding that the Israeli military releases the boxes of medical supplies, in accordance with international law.

The medical supplies are desperately needed in Gaza as Israeli snipers continue to kill and wound hundreds of Palestinians each week. According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, on Friday afternoon, 14 September 2018, using excessive force against the peaceful protesters in the eastern Gaza Strip for the 25th  Friday in a row, Israeli forces killed 3 Palestinian civilians, including a child, and wounded 148 others, including 19 children, five women and five paramedics with live bullets and direct tear gas canisters. Six of those wounded sustained serious wounds.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition continues to demand the immediate release of the 114 boxes of medical supplies (sterile gauze and sutures) for the health services of Gaza that were carried on the Al Awda and Freedom boats of the 2018 Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, hijacked by Israeli forces on July 29 and August 3. As Swedish Foreign Affairs Minister Margot Wallström has stated, the cargo must be released, according to international law.

Please sign and share the petition demanding that the Israeli military releases the boxes of medical supplies. For a sample letter to be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country please see here.


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