Freedom Flotilla Bringing Medical Supplies to Gaza

After a 70-day journey from Scandinavia to Italy which began in mid-May, two of the four boats in the 2018 Freedom Flotilla are about to complete the final stage of their voyage to Gaza.

Al Awda (The Return) and Freedom departed Italy on 21 and 22 July.  Aboard the boats are nationals from 14 countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand / Aotearoa, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK and US and include several journalists. During the course of the voyage, human rights supporters from more than 20 countries have sailed on our boats.

Israel’s twelve-year blockade has been exacerbated by Israel’s most recent violent attacks, including sniper fire, on the peaceful protest at the Gaza fence, killing more than 150 Palestinian people and severely wounding thousands of others. Hospitals are desperately short of a long list of medical supplies. The Freedom Flotilla is a solidarity initiative not an aid mission, and we cannot meet the current and ongoing humanitarian needs in Gaza, created by the blockade. In the short term, these critical needs are borne by UNRWA and international NGOs, while in the long term, the only solution is ending the blockade. However, as requested by our friends providing front-line medical care to Palestinians in Gaza, we are carrying more than 100 boxes of medical supplies as a small but important contribution to the increasingly dire medical situation.

We purchased 10,000 Euros of sterilized gauze (#Gauze4Gaza) and sutures,  and our Malaysian partners at MyCARE added to this with 3,000 Euros worth of medical supplies from Malaysia. All of our 12 partners which comprise the Freedom Flotilla Coalition are fundraising to cover the cost of these purchases.

Please consider donating through your national campaign and make active representations to your Government to ensure our boats, carrying solidarity and medical gifts, are able to safely reach Gaza and the people who need them.

Two days ago the Israeli Ambassador to the UN was reported as saying that they will use “all necessary measures” to stop us!
Here’s our response: Ambassador @dannydanon: the ONLY ‘necessary measures’ re #FreedomFlotilla would be to end your illegal blockade of #Gaza & restore #FreedomOfMovement for #Palestinians!



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