Roger Waters, former Pink Floyd band member, produced a video of support for the Freedom Flotilla sailing to Gaza.

He ends by saying: “God speed – our hearts are with you.”

On 14 August, in Oslo during his concert, Roger took time out to meet with several of the crew of Al Awda, including Captain Herman – photo.
Then he went back on stage and spoke to the crowd – video.
‘There is a guy here, in fact there are five of them, who I saw half time. I want to send a special thank you for them because they have just come back from an Israeli prison. This was the captain and the crew of the Norwegian boat that was part of the flotilla that sailed to Gaza. These guys are kind of heroes of mine.’

On 15 August, during the second Oslo concert, as he introduced and the sang ‘Broken Bones’, Roger once again praised the crew of Al Awda – video.
‘Last night I met five guys who’d just come back from prison in a seaport in Israel, because they were part of the flotilla that took medical supplies to try and break the blockade of Gaza. I’m very proud of them ..’cos the Israeli’s stole all the bandages and other medicines that were on the boat (Audience loudly boo). See, it happens unfortunately in this strange world of ours… In 1948 the fledgling UN made a Universal Declaration on Human Rights, where it was enshrined that all our brothers and sisters all over the world, irrespective of their religion, ethnicity or nationality, deserve equal civil and human rights (cheers). It’s not rocket science – this would include, of course, our brothers and sisters in Gaza – who your countrymen were trying to help in that heroic voyage across the Mediterranean.’



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