Video: Mike Treen with Palestinian writer Ramzy Baroud on why he is going on the Flotilla in July 2018, to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Mike is a prominent, life-long human rights campaigner and trade union leader in New Zealand. Mike is the National Director of the Unite Union and spokesperson for Global Peace & Justice Auckland.

Kia Ora Gaza has selected Mike to represent New Zealand/Aotearoa on the next international Freedom Flotilla to challenge Israel’s illegal and inhumane, 10-year blockade of Gaza. He will join other eminent rights advocates representing 20 countries on board the four-boat flotilla, due to reach Gaza in late July.

Acclaimed US/Palestinian author Dr Baroud met with Mike during his speaking tour of New Zealand earlier this year.

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Sonraki İçerikCádiz acoge con entusiasmo a la Flotilla de la Libertad


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