Ana Sayfa Participants Francisco Canales (Spain, sailing on Freedom)

Francisco Canales (Spain, sailing on Freedom)


Francisco Canales (Spain)
Sailing on Freedom

UPDATE: 13:00/8 August – Francisco arrived at Madrid airport today.

Watch Francisco’s SOS video here

Born in Cordoba, at an early age I decided to live in rural areas in various places and share experiences of collectives. Now I live in the Sierra of Aracena. I am a counselor in my local Town Council (Alajar) for a group of constituents and I have always been associated with the Ecologist Movement and various other rural support groups. 

Whenever I have had the possibility I have collaborated with the causes of different oppressed people or people in need; Pro-Sahara platform, Zapatista Movement and now the Palestinian people.

I share my work as a bio constructor with seamanship at a professional level. I hope I am able to do my bit in this important mission.


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