Ana Sayfa Participants Tobbe Larsson (Sweden, sailing on Freedom)

Tobbe Larsson (Sweden, sailing on Freedom)


Tobbe Larsson (Sweden)
Ship to Gaza Sweden
Sailing on Freedom

UPDATE: 21:20 CEST/8 August – Tobbe Larsson arrived today at Stockholm airport.
Pictures post arrival home here

Watch Tobbe’s SOS video here

Tobbe Larsson from Sweden is a teacher and an electrician, sailing on Freedom. He has worked with many solidarity organisations, but this will be his first attempt to break the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Tobbe did his first solidarity work campaigning with the Swedish Anti-Apartheid movement about South Africa – which has defined his world view.

“What is happening in Palestine/Gaza is fundamentally wrong. Sailing with the Freedom Flotilla gives me the possibility to participate in a mission which draws attention to the illegal Israeli blockade, at the same time as it might give the people living in Gaza some hope.”


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