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Anna Dressler (Germany/Sweden, Sailing on Freedom)


Anna Dressler (Germany/Sweden)
Ship to Gaza Sweden
Deckhand on Freedom

UPDATE: 11:00 CEST/8 August – Anna arrived last night at Berlin airport. Read her preliminary report of the cruel and inhumane treatment that the Israeli authorities meted out to her despite having a German passport. “…Can you then imagine how few rights Palestinians have…”
Anna’s resolve is strengthened and she declared that “We will continue to fight for freedom…”.

Please continue to demand the release of all of the Political Prisoners

SOS – Just Future for Palestine

Watch Anna’s SOS video here

Anna Dressler is sailing as deckhand on Freedom and work on campaigns for Ship to Gaza Sweden.

Anna was born in Germany and is now living in Sweden, but mostly she is out on travels and ‘projects’ around the globe. She is an activist and problem solver – a person with a diversity of professions.

In 2012, she was the Project Leader for an anti-money laundering campaign. In 2015-2016, she participated in a private project working with refugees near the Macedonian border and along the Balkan route. She enjoys her freedom wholeheartedly and want others to have the same opportunity.

“Gaza is a zone in the world where laws of human rights seem to be forgotten. I believe that every person can change the world, in their own way, wherever they are and in whatever way they can. Lets start here, with a blockade that should never have existed, and continues, along with all other man-made catastrophes.”



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