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Noam Chomsky’s message to Freedom Flotilla participants


Jan Petter Hammervold (Norway)

{:en}Jan Petter Hammervold (Norway) Ship to Gaza Norway Ship’s cook on Al Awda, 'The Return'Jan Petter will arrive home in Norway at 3pm today.SOS –...


{:en}My name is Joe Boeta and I live in Madrid. I coordinate the Social Rights and Refugee Persons Board of Salamanca district (within Madrid...

Mike Treen (New Zealand/Aotearoa)

{:en}Mike Treen (New Zealand/Aotearoa) Sailing on Al Awda, 'The Return'Mike has now been released from unlawful detention in Israel.Read Mike's account of his participation on...
Ron Rousseau

Ron Rousseau (Canada)

{:en}Ron Rousseau / Nimnke Beesiner (Thunder Bird)I am status First Nation, who lives in Carcross, Yukon, Canada a small community with a strong...