Jason has now been released from unlawful detention in Israel.
Please continue to demand release of all Political Prisoners and #DemandPressFreedom

Jason Soo is an artist and recipient of the Jacques Derrida Exhibition and Prize (Melbourne, 1999). As filmmaker, his first narrative work (A Short Film on The May 13 Generation) is based on historical events in 1954 Singapore, when 800 students took over Chinese High School in order to support classmates affected by military conscription. His next work (1987: Untracing the Conspiracy) examines the arrest, torture, and interrogation of 22 alleged Marxist conspirators by Singapore’s secret police. The documentary was awarded Best Southeast Asian Feature at Freedom Film Festival (Malaysia, 2015) and an expanded version of the film is currently in production. (from http://1987untracing.wixsite.com/1987untracing/crew-bio)

Jason sailing with Al Awda (The Return) in order to create a documentary about Dr. Swee Ang [https://jfp.freedomflotilla.org/participants/dr-swee-ang]


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