Youssef Sammour

Read this article of Youssef’s about his background and which contains many beautiful pictures and insights published on 30 September 2018 by My Olive Roots.

View my posts that I have been making throughout my voyage, here.

This is a reflective interview with Youssef, broadcast on 16 September 2018.


“I’m a Palestinian that has never been to Palestine, like many 3rd generation refugees. I currently reside in the UAE, where I was born, though I consider New Zealand to be home having studied, worked and lived there for over half of my life. Lately I’ve felt that the general perspective on the Palestinian cause has been a sense of numbing acceptance of the status quo, as with many issues that may feel out of one’s control, to which I try to constantly remind myself and those around me that we cannot hope to bring about change without action. Consequently, I decided to contact the flotilla team to see if I could lend a hand with this year’s mission. I feel extremely honoured to have been accepted as a crew member onboard the Swedish sailing yacht ‘Freedom’. The sea is my life-long love and is where I spend most if not all of my free time, so one can imagine my excitement when I was offered to be a part of this year’s voyage. I’ve no doubt it will be the experience of a lifetime. I’ve been following the Freedom Flotilla Coalition for a number of years now and hold a great deal of respect for the sacrifices that have been made, and what has been achieved over the years. The FFC and BDS have together spread waves of global awareness, solidarity, and much needed support to Palestine – all of which are crucial to the ultimate goal of liberating the Palestinian people.”



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