Mohammad Rizuwan Kamaruddin (Izu)
MyCARE, Malaysia
He was born in State of Perak, Malaysia, in 1992, and studied in the field of Nursing at PICOMS International University College (PIUC) from 2010 till 2013. He has valuable experiences in working as an emergency staff nurse at Al-Islam Specialist Hospital (2013-2016) and currently working at Taman Desa Medical Centre since January 2018. He was selected in 2017 to lead a humanitarian mission in Somali Land on behalf of IKRAM Health Malaysia alongside MYCARE to assist the refugees and distribute their needs at the refugee camp there.
In August 2017, he was chosen to be one of the participants going to Shatkira, Bangladesh for 2 months under the program called MYCORPS administered by the Ministry of Youth Malaysia, while successfully initiated the project named WISH Project (Water, Infrastructure, Socio-Economy, Health Project) with his seven other members during the program.
Additionally, he also had established MYCORPS Suraiya Pharmacy Clinic at Shatkira, Bangladesh which can cover almost 5-10 thousand patients in need, while going to Cox Bazaar to lend a hand together with his MYCORPS’s friends in the same year.
He had numerous international level of volunteering experience specialized in health care mission (Thailand – 2017), (Indonesia – 2013), etc., as well as helping the locals, when he was involved in mobilizing flood relief missions in several Malaysian states in December 2017.

Quote: “We were taken by a storm with the murder of a Palestinian heroine, Razzan Asyraf al-Najar, who was shot by Israeli snipers while she was on duty on the battlefield. This clearly violates the Geneva International Humanitarian Law that prohibits physical harm to the medical personnel on duty. It’s time for people from all around the world to open their eyes to the suffering of the Palestinians, especially fellow medical practitioners! We should help them regardless of our differences in races, beliefs, opinions, even the nationality. Let us all rise up against oppression!”

Izu was on board from Wilhelmshaven to La Rochelle.


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