Ana Sayfa Participants Zool Fadli Hamzah (Malaysia)

Zool Fadli Hamzah (Malaysia)


Zool Fadli Hamzah
MyCARE Malaysia

Born in State of Pahang, Malaysia, in 1980. Studied in the field of electronic communication at Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Kuantan, Pahang in 2002. Now actively mobilizing humanitarian programs to students in schools and universities such as humanitarian seminars, sharing experiences and fundraising programs for humanity. In 2015 elected to a humanitarian mission in Lebanon to assist Palestinian and Syrian refugees for the purpose of distributing their needs at the refugee camp there. Also involved in mobilizing flood relief missions in several Malaysian states around 2013 and 2014. In 28 April 2018, personally went to Cox’ Bazaar in Bangladesh to see the refugees from Rohingya at Kutupalong Camp are doing, and to report what problems they have been having.

He chooses fishing as a hobby and has basic knowledge about boats and sailing.

Quote: “This boat voyage also did not disturb me as a Muslim, I was able to worship especially in the month of Ramadan, but it became a source of strength to me to help those who are defending their homeland in Gaza.”

Zool has been on board Al Awda (The Return) from Wilhelmshaven until La Rochelle.


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