في الساعة 20:06 (CEST) / 03 أغسطس 2018 ، فقدنا الاتصال مع اليخت Freedom ، الذي كان يبحر تحت العلم السويدي ، والذي كان في مهمة لكسر الحصار الإسرائيلي غير القانوني للشعب الفلسطيني في غزة. نعرف الآن أن القارب قد اختُطف في المياه الدولية واقتيد بطريقة غير مشروعة إلى أشدود ، إسرائيل. وكان آخر موقع تم الإبلاغ عنه حوالي 40 ميلاً بحريًا من ساحل غزة.

** – بعض وزارات الخارجية مفصلة هنا.


  1. The Freedom Flotilla brings people from nations who care about humanity and they join together—-oh wait… UNITED NATIONS? Where are you? Palestine for SEVENTY years has been held in an Israeli concentration camp!
    If there is indeed a real UNITED NATIONS—where are all of you in defending the rights of Palestinians? EARTHLING have UNITED and have created a flotilla in bringing medical supplies and hope……so why is Israel attacking boats in international waters and putting people into prison? What happened to Israel? Who are these government people who are holding you hostage from care and concern of the Palestinians? Maybe it’s time to remind all humans that we are all Earthlings——and and one should stand by when others are injured—- if this is not so—–then where is your humanity?

  2. Congratulations to all involved in the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza.

    It is no surprise that the Israel military has boarded the “Al-Awda,” and taken the solidarity sailors prisoner. I consider it to be the height of hypocrisy for Israel to claim that the participants have broken international law while they are illegally occupying Palestinian lands and raiding vessels in international waters.

    But this is the way despotic regimes operate. In 1992, the Indonesian navy forced a peace ship, the “Lusitania Expresso” to leave international waters near the coast of East Timor. The ship had an international crew with international East Timor solidarity activists who were protesting against the 1991 Santa Cruz Massacre carried out by the fascist Indonesian military (TNI).

    The governments that support the Israeli illegal occupation of Palestine and turn a blind eye to its brutality and violations of Palestinian human rights behaved similarly towards the Indonesian dictatorship. The only factor that was different in the 2 cases was that the UN never acknowledged the Indonesian takeover. Ir should have done more to stop the invasion in the first place and should be doing more to apprehend the officers who committed the atrocities eg former generals Prabowo and Wiranto who were both candidates in the last Indonesian presidential elections. Wiranto is currently a government minister ie a UN declared war criminal is in the Indonesian cabinet!

    In all, the East Timorese suffered 24 years of occupation that led to the loss of a 1/3 of the population and destruction of 80% of their infrastructure. The Timorese won their freedom after the fall of the dictator Suharto thanks to a UN administered independence referendum and the fact that the TNI could not defeat the East Timorese resistance.

    All those who believe in democracy, freedom and human rights need to pressure their governments to stop supporting the rogue, apartheid and fascist state of Israel and demand recognition of the state of Palestine and to support a ban on all military supplies to Israel and to ban all exports from Israel (ie BDS) until Israel leaves lands belonging to Palestine and ceases its belligerent actions against Palestine.

    The rogue apartheid and fascist regime of South Africa was brought down by similar international actions.



  3. Keep it up Israel with your criminal actions against the Palestinians and now against a peaceful demonstration of protest bringing medical supplies to people that are forbidden to have them.
    Your days are numbered that much more .

  4. Israel’s attack on The Return and the kidnapping of those on board are violations of international law! Free these people now!

  5. I so much admire the courage and commitment to peace for the residents of Gaza being displayed by the participants in the Gaza Flotilla.

  6. And where is the response from the U.S. and Europe? All of us should demand that Israel follow international law or be ostracized. I appreciate the people on the boat doing this in the name of all of us who care about Palestine and Palestinian rights.

  7. Israel has again committed a crime under International Law against the Palestinians. It is imperative that the prisoners be released and the US stop supporting Israel! I am truly shocked..

  8. Israel is a criminal state managed by a bunch of goons and gangsters. Palestinians are human and they are valuable. USA and other countries supporting Israel are hypocritical. Release the prisoners and stop supporting the bullies.

  9. It like reading the script of a violent thriller, …. which in real life is not thrilling atall. It is shocking, appalling, amoral, illegal and yet will we hear about it ever on News or UN object, international Govts individually object, or is it the usual impunity for Israel?

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