In the past 15 weeks, more than 130 Palestinians in Gaza have been executed by Israeli snipers, more than 4,000 have been wounded and 15,000 injured with tear gas. At least 43 people have had their legs amputated due to the types of bullets the Israeli Occupation Forces are using and hundreds more will have long-term debilitating injuries from these bullets. The medical system in Gaza is overwhelmed and urgently needs medical supplies.

Although the Freedom Flotilla Coalition continues to see our mission’s goal as political solidarity rather than charity or aid, the need for medical supplies in Gaza is too urgent to ignore. As a result, our Right to a Just Future for Palestine flotilla that is on its way to Gaza will carry as many medical supplies as our four boats can safely hold. These are medical supplies that have been specifically requested by Palestinian medical authorities in Gaza – all of them are in short supply due to the blockade.

We demand that the Israeli government does not interfere with our boats as they approach, dock and unload in Gaza, in order to deliver the medical supplies directly to hospitals in Gaza City, less than one 1.6 km from the Gaza City harbour. Whatever happens to our boats, we hold the Israeli government accountable for the safe reception of these life-saving supplies by Palestinian medical authorities in Gaza.

As an occupying state that has placed a land, air and sea blockade on Gaza, international law mandates that Israel must allow medical supplies into Gaza. The Freedom Flotilla Coalition and its worldwide allies, including those in Israel, will keep the international community and governments informed of any delays in delivering these critical medical supplies to Gaza.

People anywhere who wish to contribute to towards the cost of these medical supplies can make donations through any one of our campaigns, designating your donation “Medical supplies for Gaza”: We will use your donations to purchase medical supplies close to our last port of call, Palermo (please do not send us medical supplies though as we do not have the capacity to move additional items to our departure point). Together, we can help end the illegal blockade of Gaza.


  1. While I agree with and admire the Flotilla’s and all those who participate, I can’t help but wonder at this point why they continue. What’s needed is dozen of boats inspected by UN reps on departure and all entering Gaza waters at the same time. Overwhelming them at this point would improve chances of Palestinians actually getting some of the supplies and the anticipation of Israels response would bring back the international attention it needs.

    The media gives little coverage at this point as it’s become a foregone conclusion they’re stopped and Israel gets free Aid intended for someone else.

    • Great idea, if it can be realized. Please go ahead and organize a dozen boats and get the UN to inspect them, by all means.

      • That’s a well reasoned and clearly thought out response. I do have some experience with activism on the water. I’m probably a little too old to be climbing around rigging though. That’s why at this point I donate and share my thoughts on projects that have a better than average chance of success. Donating money for medical supplies for the IDF really isn’t on my list of ‘things i’d like to see accomplished’ The IDF doesn’t need medical supplies.

        • We sail to Gaza and this is where the medical supplies are destined. We do nothing illegal and should not accept acts of piracy.

    • The media has always ignored boats sailing to Gaza. There were no corporate media journalists on the Mavi Marmara in 2010, and the corporate media only started to report the ‘incident’ after nine people were shot dead, one mortally wounded, 55 others injured with gunshot wounds and around 700 people abducted and incarcerated in Israeli jails. That story was just a little bit too big to ignore, what with all the diplomatic fallout that occurred that week as a result.

      UN inspection won’t make a jot of difference either. The Freedom Flotilla cargoes were all verified by official customs agencies and Hawaida Arraf additionally offered the Israelis a UN or Red Cross inspection while they were sailing to Gaza.

      Your post is naive Robert. Time and again Israel just gives two fingers to the UN and gets on with whatever criminal activity is on today’s agenda, while the media dutifully covers up the atrocities. The reality is that if people are brave enough and committed enough to keep trying to break the indecent and inhumane siege then they deserve our unconditional support. One day boats will sail again the Gaza. Every attempt to bring that day forward is worthy and correct.


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