Espen and Cecilie travelled on Al Awda (The Return) from Amsterdam to Jersey.

Cecilie is from Norway where she works with child protective services. She is married to Espen. They have four children and are dedicated activists and supporters of the Freedom Flotilla.

A quote from Cecilie:

“I am staying on Kårstein (Al Awda) for a few days, and therefore I would like to tell you a little about myself. My name is Cecilie and I’m married to Espen. He works as a plumber. We have four children between us. My two girls are 22 and 25 years old and go to college to become a social nurse and a police officer. I work with the child protective services, and I love my job.

I heard about the Ship to Gaza through my husband and immediately became invested in the cause.  Because of my shifts at work I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at the boat a lot on my spare time. I’ve been a painter, sailor, chef and mermaid 🙂

I have become very fond of the boat and everyone who has contributed; therefore I want to say my last goodbyes by joining on sea with dedicated activists.

Can’t wait to see you in Amsterdam 🙂

Love, Cecilie Rasmussen”

Espen and Cecilie


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