The Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s 64 foot long boat Al Awda (The Return) is scheduled to arrive in St Helier, Jersey, in the Channel Islands on Tuesday 5 June and will stay for part of that day.

This will be the first time that one of our boats has entered UK waters and docked. It will give people in Jersey an opportunity to show their support for the Palestinian people of Gaza and to send a message to the UK Government to end its complicity in the ongoing illegal blockade.

Thanks to our friends at Jersey Palestine Solidarity Campaign who are hosting us – these are some of the events planned:

Tuesday 5 June
Breakfast Reception
Time: 10.15am
The Savoy Hotel, Rouge Bouillion, St Helier.
An opportunity to meet the crew, including Zohar Chamberlain Regev (Israeli citizen resident in Spain), Mikkel Grüner (Danish-Norwegian politician), Ron Rousseau (First Nations trade unionist from Canada) and Charlie Andreasson (Swedish sailor and human rights advocate). Supporters are encouraged to write messages of support for the Palestinian people of Gaza, which the participants will deliver upon their arrival.

Tuesday 5 June
Farewell “Al Awda”
Time: 6.30-7.30pm (to be confirmed closer to the day as dependent on weather)
Bring your banners, flags and musical instruments.
Albert Pier, St Helier, Jersey

Follow the Freedom Flotilla online:
Twitter @GazaFFlotilla

Al Awda (The Return) in Gothenburg


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