Mrs Mas Ahmah Jonid

Born in Malaysia in 1968. Mas has a Bachelor degree from the U.S.A. in Chemical Engineering, specialised in wastewater treatment and hazardous waste.
She has more than 20 years experiences in Environmental, Social, Health, Safety and
Security Assessment and Management in various local and international projects including
onshore and offshore/marine field works.

A Rose2Rose core committee member for various projects including as advisor and
director for charity dinners and Hi-Teas, humanity walks (Walk4Humanity), Global March to Jerusalem, charity sales, etc. She was involved as a member and lead for several humanitarian missions in Gaza, Jordan, Turkey and Malaysia.

Mas has appeared on mainstream media (TVs, radios, newspapers) for humanitarian
missions/projects. She is also actively delivering humanitarian and motivational talks in various public events, Humanitarian Training for Trainers, universities and schools.

She has attended various humanitarian training including Mental Health and Psychosocial
Support in Humanitarian Emergencies; Disaster Management and Simulation; coaching and mentoring.

Mas is also an advisor for several other humanitarian and charity projects for homeless and urban poor communities (Street Ngaji KL), rural native communities (HOPE), youth
humanitarian fundraising efforts (Stand Up Flashmob) and other youth charity




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