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Charlie Andreasson (Sweden)


Charlie Andreasson
Sailor and human rights defender.

In 2012, Charlie participated as a sailor the Ship to Gaza Sweden mission of the Estelle, which travelled from Scandinavia to just 30 miles off the coast of Gaza before it was intercepted by the Israeli Occupation navy, when internationals on board were kidnapped and imprisoned before being deported. He repeated the experience in 2015 aboard the Marianne, this time with an even rougher welcome. In between, from 2012-2014, he worked on the Gaza’s Ark project, to break the blockade from inside out by rebuilding a fishing boat in Gaza to sail out with trade goods. During the 2014 Israeli aggression against Gaza he worked with the International Solidarity Movement as a human shield. He published a book about his experiences (Dagbok från Gaza “Diary From Gaza”, 2015: Korpen, preface by Henning Mankell), and he blogs at charlieandreasson.com. Most recently, he has been working in maritime humanitarian rescue, saving refugees in the Mediterranean.

Charlie is First Mate on Al Awda (The Return) and can be interviewed in Swedish or English.

Charlie Andreasson on the Estelle
Charlie on the Estelle


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