When the #FreedomFlotilla sailed in 2018, stories about the voyage and our participants were published in different places. Below we revisit a few* of the mainstream and social media highlights:

Newsweek, 16 May, Humanitarians on the High Seas: Freedom Flotilla Sets Sail for Gaza

Al Jazeera English, 29 July, Interview with David Heap live in London Studio for 10pm world news

Russia Today, Going Underground, 8 August, Dr Swee – Eyewitness Testimony of UK-backed Israeli Forces attacking the Freedom Flotilla   

The Guardian, 2 August, ‘Claims of violence as Israel deports crew of Gaza aid vessel

Roger Waters, 14 August, Great First Night In Oslo on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

Read more about the Freedom Flotilla participants.
* Work in progress – more to follow…


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