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Emilia Nacher Verdaguer


Rumbo a Gaza (Spain)

Emilia is a human rights activist, a nurse, and a lifeguard specialized in emergencies. She has worked with the Syrian refugees in Greece for the last two years and has participated actively in the Freedom Flotilla / Rumbo a Gaza for the last two years. She has participates in the Palestinian People’s Assembly in Valencia for the last six years and she is a member of BDS-Valencia. She started with Al Awda (The Return) at Cagliari and is now a deck hand on board.

In addition to being an activist, Emilia is an avid sailor who has a basic navigation certificate and has take a training course in safety (international manual). She can be contacted through her Facebook page. Her blog: emilianacherpalestinalibre.blogspot.com/

Quote: “Every day I carry the Palestinian people in my mind and in my heart. For me this is an opportunity to be their loudspeaker and to bring them the hope we wish for, to end the blockade and achieve their freedom.” 


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