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Jørgen Pedersen (Norway)


Jørgen Pedersen (Norway)
Ship to Gaza Norway
Ship’s cook on Al Awda, ‘The Return’

Photo of his arrival in Oslo, with Captain Herman Reksten.

SOS – Release Jørgen NOW – (video statement here)

Jørgen Pedersen (30) will be the ship’s cook on board the fishing vessel Al Awda (The Return) on the last leg to Gaza. He is from Norway, lives on a sailing boat, and works as a professional chef at the restaurant Olympen in Oslo.

Jørgen has been active in demonstrations towards the Israeli occupation all his life. He is supporting the Freedom Flotilla in solidarity with the people living in Gaza and dedicates his own participation in this year’s mission to a Palestinian friend who recently passed away.

“The world needs to open their eyes to what is happening in Gaza, and put more international pressure on Israel to stop their inhumane treatment of the people living in Gaza.”


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