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Kathy Wazana is a Casablanca-born, Toronto-based documentary filmmaker, who identifies as an Arab Jew and whose current work focuses on Jewish-Arab-Muslim relations in Morocco and in Israel-Palestine.

A passionate traveler and learner, a peace activist and an advocate for equity and minority rights, she has worked in politics and the labour movement, in educational television, publishing and advertising, in government, public and media relations, and in international development, in France and in Canada.

Kathy has spent many months in Palestine, observing, documenting and participating in international solidarity initiatives, including with the Tuffah Educational Development Center in Gaza and the International Women’s Peace Service in Salfit province. She is the founder of the Playgrounds for Peace project, Cooks for Peace, the Toronto Just Peace Seder and Community Mimouna, and co-author of Speaking Through Walls – Women Building Peace in Israel-Palestine. The rupture provoked by the Partition of Palestine and the creation of the State of Israel is the subject of her feature documentary They Were Promised the Sea. Her short videos Kan Ya Makan and Build a Wall document the early construction of the Apartheid wall and moments in Israel’s ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing.


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