The arrival at the port of Gijón of the vessels AlAwda (The Return) and Freedom is scheduled for the 13thJune. This is an opportunity for both inhabitants and visitors to show their support to the Palestinian people, sending a message to the Spanish government demanding from them to put an end to their complicity with the blockade of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine. Apart from the institutional acts there will be public engagements open to all those who wish to participate and give their support to the Freedom Flotilla:

March of support to the Freedom Flotilla and for the end of the blockade in Gaza.

14thJune at 19:30h in Gijón

Starting in Plaza del Marqués and going as far as Tomás y Valiente street, old School of Commerce.

Festival of support to Gaza.

15thJune from 6,30 onwards, in Plaza del Marqués

Musical performances:

*Anabel Santiago

*Rafa Lorenzo


*Poetry reading, music by Mento Hevia and Olga Lastra.

*Reading of the poem “In Memory of Gaza”, winner of accésit in literary contest “Keys for a Dignified Future”.

*Testimonies of refugees and passengers of “Boat to Gaza”.

*Performance about a check point.


Thanks to the Committee of Solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla for the work done for months in order to welcome the vessels and for their support to the Palestinian people.

Follow the Freedom Flotilla in the web:

Twitter @GazaFFlotilla


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