Please donate here to support the 2018 Just Future for Palestine Freedom Flotilla, in which 34 people, from 12 countries, in two boats, directly challenged the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza and brought international attention to the horrific human-made conditions of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The two boats ‘Al Awda’ (The Return) and ‘Freedom’ were hijacked by the Israeli Occupation Forces in international waters 42 and 49 nautical miles respectively off the coast of Gaza. During their unlawful detention, crew, participants and journalists were subjected to a range of physical and emotional violence.

The captain of Al Awda was threatened with execution, 4 people were tasered, 3 people had ribs broken by the Israeli military and one person had his foot broken.

They were all taken against their will to Israel, unlawfully imprisoned and ultimately deported. The Israeli authorities have stolen the boats and the 13,000 Euros worth of medical supplies that we were carrying as gifts, as well as many of the participants’ personal belongings (including clothes, a Bible, credit cards, IDs and mobile phones). Incredibly, they have begun to take legal action to attempt to confiscate the boats.

We have set aside some money to assist with legal expenses and welfare, but request your help. Please donate here to contribute towards:
a) our legal fund for the costs including actions to:
i) represent participants who were detained unlawfully
ii) increase our capacity to take action against and resist the Israeli Government’s attempts to confiscate the two boats, cargo and personal property; and
b) our welfare fund which will pay for emotional counseling for those needing assistance to process the violence and trauma that they suffered.

Please donate here to one of our partners to help with these particular expenses incurred in challenging the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza.


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