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Video – Israeli warships approaching ‘Al Awda’


We have obtained new video footage which shows the number of warships and other military boats that the Israeli Occupation Forces sent to attack our small fishing boat ‘Al Awda’ (The Return) on 29 July 2018. Listen to our crew assert the right to ‘innocent passage’, as we sailed in international waters under a Norwegian flag. This is particularly rare footage, because all of our communications were jammed as we were attacked and all of our electronic devices were stolen or damaged.
To see what happened next, we need the footage from the body cameras that all of the 100+ Israeli soldiers were wearing and that of their official photographers. What crimes are they hiding?


  1. I’ve been writing near-daily to Pompeo for over one year demanding action on the al-Awda and always asking “Where’s the Awda?” Pompeo of course won’t deign to respond to one of his employers.

    Where IS al-Awda? (e.g., in a port of the Zioentity? is it being tended to/maintained shipshape?) I do note somewhere at this site “…the boats which we were delivering as a gift to fishers in Gaza are still in the possession of the Israeli state and remain subject of a court case.” What is the status of the “court case”? Can it be “goosed”?

    • Thank you for demanding answers. The court case is still on in the Haifa maritime court. We are to present our affidavits by the end of this month. Both Al Awda and Freedom are still in the hands of the IOF.

      • I appreciate your response, Zohar. I have no doubt that “…present our affidavits by the end of (August 2019)” will mean months, probably many months, of delay by the Zionists until (if ever) the affidavits are reviewed and conclusions drawn. I hope that you will keep readers informed and, if possible, provide readers the names and addresses of court (sic) officers so that they can be inundated with public sentiment in favor of justice for the Awda (and Freedom) and the hapless Palestinian people…and your stalwart movement.


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