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Lucía Mazarrasa Alvear (Spain)


Lucía Mazarrasa Alvear (Spain) 
Sailing on Al Awda, ‘The Return’.

Lucía Mazarrasa Alvear is a retired nurse who worked in different hospitals in Spain and abroad, namely Geneva and New York. A specialist in Public health, I has been a teacher at the Complutense University of Madrid in its Nursing School and Professor/researcher at the National Health School of Carlos III Institute for 25 years with publications in magazines both national and foreign, editor and author of professional books/chapters.

During the 80´s Lucía participated in the committees of Support to the Nicaraguan Revolution (Revolución Sandinista) from Madrid and was a brigadista in Nicaragua during the summers of 1985 and 86, collaborating with the field syndicate of Estelí and Managua.

She is the co-founder of the NGO D Sur which underscored solidarity with Iraq through opposition to the Iraqi blockade in years 1993 and 2000, traveling to the country and diffusing information through magazines and health professional congresses on the health situation of the Iraqi people. Also developed projects in Mozambique, Uruguay, Cuba and Peru throughout the 90´s. 

She also is an Associate of the Feminist politics Forum since its foundation in 1987, from which we have developed solidarity and support campaigns for the human rights of Moroccan, Algerian and Afghan women. They collaborated with the Women’s  Boat to Gaza Rumbo a Gaza in 2016 through an act they held in their 4 Bravo Murillo street headquarters in Madrid, year 2017.

They were embedded until 2012 in the Spanish coordination committee for the European Lobby of Women CELEM participating in the IV International Women Conference of NNUU in Pekin (1995) both in Huairu where the various NGOs conferences took place, as well as in the official Gubernamental delegation in Pekin.

At present they are a part of the Euro Mediterranean Feminist Initiative (IFE) in which organizations of Palestinian women are also integrated, amongst others. 

Lucía also has participated with a women’s link in Colombia for the defense of reproductive and sexual rights on the occasion of the Peace process.

Presently she is as well an associate of the Family Planning Association of Madrid, from which she has collaborated through action towards reproductive and sexual rights in Spain, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

Lucía was an associate in CAPS Net (Red CAPS) of doctors and health professional until 2013.

As professional she has taken part and developed diverse Cooperation projects framed in a gubernamental development context in Belice, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Angola and Morocco, all of these related towards nursing formation.


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